Thursday, August 9, 2012

Free speech

 "You don't have to tell everyone everything."  Did she actually think I needed that advice?  It was offered up a year into her sobriety, a window of time that lasted a handful of years and brought her great clarity and a propensity for reflection.  There were apologies, questions, and long pauses of pensive thought.  And there was love, always love.

I asked someone I love what he wants to be remembered for.  Perhaps my query was as off-center as my mother's unsolicited advice.  I admit it seemed to come out of my mouth rather reflexively, but the beauty of the night had me wondering.  I was expecting "kindness" or "dedication", but then, no; he's a humble sort and firmly rooted in self-deprecating humor.  

"He wore comfortable shoes.  And thought that Arnold (Shwarzenegger) was the greatest actor of his generation."  

Yes, it's true; all of it.  I don't have to tell everyone everything, but some things are too good to keep to oneself.  

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