Thursday, August 30, 2012

From Eli, with love

Moonlight on water @ 4AM.
Some girls have all the luck.  At bedtime lastnight, in mutual states of complete relaxation after shared foot massage,  I struck a deal with my dear man.  "If you take the dogs out now, dear, I'll do early morning."

Eli was the first canine to stir, pacing the house well-before dawn, no doubt as a result of ingesting sea water yesterday.  And then I saw her, the Goddess of the Night Sky, nearly full in her waxing gibbous beauty.  Through the trees on her earth-bound descent she hovered there just so, casting a long swath of golden light across the bay.

With a little editing in iPhoto I present to you, courtesy of Eli and his trembling bowels, this visual gift.  

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