Friday, August 31, 2012

Party on!

It's an age-old boat-owners problem: otters on boats, hangin' around like they own the place, yet side-stepping moorage fees, upkeep and a plethora of other duties associated with ownership.  

Online advice is vast and free for the taking, but you gotta have some tools:
1. "Shooting is noisy and dangerous.What you need is A 220 or 330 conibear steel trap.If I was near i could help.what needs done is A wood box made to hold trap bait is placed in back to guide animal in."

2. "I keep em off my docks by puttin 4-5" gal nails all round the perimeter of my floating docks and running 40lb mono all around it. Keeps em from flopping up!"

Or this: "Have you tried a sign like 'No otters'"?

And finally: "Otters taste like chicken!"

A few nights ago, my men rowed out and hung two pastel-hued balloons to the boat.  The lovely festive party decor swayed in the evening breeze and seemed to signal 'party boat' in my view.  Apparently I was not alone in my thinking.  

On my morning swim the following day, I approached the boat with the silent stealth of a Navy seal.  Despite my splashless breaststroke, the little guy lifted his head from his sunbathing spot, shot me a glance, and spilled over the port bow like a cup of black coffee.  Sly bugger, this!

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  1. We have a few. They use our dock for their own private portapotty. Anyone want to stop by for a picnic? I am serving fried chicken. Lots of fried chicken!