Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Honoring Mika

It was a whirlwind Sunday for our small clan, each of us off doing things we love.  By early evening we were gathered round the table for a celebratory feast in honor of Mika's 58th birthday, which falls on Thursday this year.  

My dear man is not enamored with a fuss of any sort when it comes to his birthday, but he clearly relished the meal and family time together.  As you can see, beards feature prominently with this group.  And, I dare say, gratitude and love was over the top.

Happy Birthday, dear man.


  1. What beautiful men and their stunning woman. I fear a belated card is on the way, but belated it will be. I have had it a week already however, so forget I didn't.

    Looks like a beard trimmer is a useful tool all around, though I daresay Reilly may need a hedge trimmer!

  2. Ha! Mika will love receiving your card! He left today for Orlando and won't pay no never mind to its arrival time!