Saturday, September 29, 2012

Performance-based outcomes

The tricked out Toyota was the second car in the cue at the red light, just in front of me.  Always drawn to text, my gaze rested on the license plate frame: ENGINEERED TO OUTPERFORM.

Already in ratchet-it-down mode on my way to yoga class, I tossed aside the notion of 'outperforming' and its partner, 'buff-me-up, baby' with a resounding "No thanks."  

The left turn lane light signaled green and the lone car in that locale shot forward.  Mr. Engineered to Perform reflexively hit the accelerator too, and BAM!--- slammed his tricked out ride into the car in front of him.

I thought of slipping the yoga class location through his open window, but a lightning fast change of heart nudged me otherwise.  The drivers pulled over and did their responsible thing and I sallied forth to my destination.  Truth be told, I was already there.  That's the beauty and the blessing of yoga; the mat is simply a defined place, but the practice is what we bring to it.

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