Friday, September 21, 2012

Through her eyes

Dear Mom,

How wonderful that Geo took you to Wilde Lake this week!  I know how much this place means to you, rich with visual, kinesthetic, and olfactory memories.  You've no doubt walked across America without leaving Howard County what with all the times you've circled this lake in every season since 1969.  

The little green heron and the night heron still linger along the shore in those low-hanging branches that extend out above the shallow waters.  You were always so keen to spot them with your discerning eye.  And the old grand-daddy of them all, the larger-than-life great blue heron that rivals his kin with his regal presence, he's still there too.

We shall always feel your presence there, Mom; always have, always will.

To you, Mom; salute!

Your Jenny      
May, 2008

Early spring, 2009

May, 2010

May Birthday girls, 2012


  1. Yes, the herons came to visit, and mom was so peaceful and content looking out over the water. It was lovely for us both. I could see how grateful she was to be there. Most rewarding:)