Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A brother's gift

Sun and shadows,
Milton Valley Cemetery,
Josephine City, VA
Sunday Outings

Even then,
I knew it was wrong
to clamor across the parched lawn
like stray dogs,
pausing here and there
to investigate
and yield to the forces
of nature,
even those set aside for humans alone.

Yet I would never have traded
our clandestine exploration
for anything,
even the elusive gift
of time with her,
where she might choose to look into our eyes
and see the yearning,
the longing for so much more
than what she willingly provided.

Did you tremble too, settling in behind the wheel,
driving us from church to cemetery
releasing us to that mysterious landscape?

Rebels, young and restless.
Free, free, free.  

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