Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A letter from Maude of Autumn Morning

Surrogate mother, Miss Delilah Lopez,
with her puppies, Harold and Maude, Dec. 2000.
Dear Delilah,

You might not remember when Harold and I first came to live at your house, but I do.  We were just a tiny bit bigger than you, but you were the elder and took us in with great tenderness.  Back then, Harold and I used to take naps together in one kennel, and you held vigil by climbing on top and resting while we slept inside.  Then one day, you crept in cautiously through the open door and nestled in with us.  

You've been such a dear companion all these years, and I just want to say thank you.  Today is my 12th birthday.  Harold, dear boy, would have loved the warm egg treat this morning and the beef chew after dinner.  And he would surely join me in barking a big woof of gratitude to you!

Yours in blissful joy,

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