Friday, October 12, 2012

A library that never closes

 Friday Books, our local Little Free Library.
This lovely neighborhood gem appeared recently at the foot of the hill on 214th and 36th and I am over-the-moon with delight!  I first read about little free libraries earlier this year and loved the notion of building, installing and overseeing a small collection of books for the taking from a curbside location.  Often erected in memory or honor of a loved one, this one, Friday Books, honors the memory of the owners' parents, who instilled in her a love of reading.  It also honors the students she teaches who, after 4 consectutive days of selecting "just right books," have the unbridled joy of choosing any book their heart desires on Friday.

Yesterday I stopped by and selected this enticing jewel.  The kettle is hot, the tea is steeping, and the dogs are nestled nearby as rain returns at long last after an extended dry spell.  

It's a perfect day for reading and for hats---and it's a Friday to boot!  

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