Monday, October 15, 2012

Get your groove on!

Combining passions.
Lap swimming is one way I have long enjoyed moving my body and freeing my mind at the same time.  Today was a tad different as the view down under involved some steady traffic.  Though it lacked scuba-equipped cyclists, it did include two individuals making their way back and forth on the pool bottom for a full 30 minutes.  

One gent had a particularly structured approach, bending his knees, extending his arms and pushing off, then drawing his arms in close along his sides and following the contour of the pool floor from one end to other.  He seemed rather keen on trying to get as close to the bottom as possible and used his entire body to propel himself like a halibut with grace and ease.

The other fellow, one I see each time I swim at the Lynnwood Pool, prefers a surface dive from the deep end, cork-screwing his way straight to the bottom then floating back up with minimal effort, letting the water carry him skyward as he relaxes.  In parallel lanes, they met at the shallow end and shared some brief conversation before resuming their respective underwater exercise.  I wondered if they touched on their mutual pleasure of water play, bottom-feeder style.

As for me, it's all part of the grand experience.  Over, under, through; floating, stroking, descending, ascending; diving, jumping, rolling, and the grandmother of them all, underwater tea parties


  1. Oh how delightful! I loved the tea party clip....!

    My personal favorite was playing a mermaid, keeping my legs squeezed tight and pointing my toes as they flapped behind me:)

  2. Ah, yes; the mermaid! And how 'bout her frolicking playmate, the dolphin?