Monday, October 22, 2012

Partners in health

Ginny Douglas, revered friend, expresses her delight at
the fine selection of organic produce at the farmer's
market in Ballard during the Komen 3-Day walk, 2012.
Meet Ginny: avid gardener, much-loved grandmother, devoted spouse, passionate lover of life, wise woman with a kick-ass sense of humor, compassionate friend, and relentless Susan G Komen 3-Day walker.  Since the day we met in 2007, I've been inclined to believe pretty much everything she says.  She's no preacher, trust me; it's more a reflection of a lifetime of wisdom paired with fine intuition and a positive spin on, well---everything.

  So it was that back in July, seeking a greater sense of health and well-being, that she began eating The Abascal Way.  Her spouse, fondly known as the The Big Guy (read 6'3" overgrown kid with a passion for softball), got on board soon after when he recognized his spry spouse had more sustained energy levels, less joint aches, was dropping unwanted weight, and generally feeling damn fine on her new eating plan.  He said "so long" to those pizza and hotdog lunches at Costco and joined Ginny on her quest for health, soon experiencing his own fitness and health transformation first-hand.

Fortunately, joy loves company! As Ginny waxed on about her improved health, a few of her buddies got drawn in with their own best intentions, and I'm one of them.  I'm in my 4th week on the anti-inflammatory diet and could not be more pleased with the results.  My energy level is more sustained, I'm sleeping better, the lingering plantar fasciitis is gone, and I feel more positive and optimistic about my health and life in general.  I'm 11 pounds lighter and am completely delighted with the delicious food I'm preparing and eating.

Kudos to Kathy Abascal for her wisdom in piecing together an eating plan that is, in fact, a way of life.  And Ginny, my dear, thank you for your friendship and steadfast support that now includes recipe tips from kale to kraut.  How you can be both a free radical and an antioxidant is a mystery to me!


  1. I love you bunches, Ms. Cinnamon. Thank you for your kind words and willingness to join me in this new adventure. To kale and kraut, antioxidants and free is all good! Ginny

  2. What a perfect photo to accompany these inspiring words !