Thursday, October 4, 2012

The long version of "look at this!"

Through my work as a teacher, I've met more than a dozen pairs of twins over the years, and one set in particular, Reuben and Juan, I see quite regularly.  This week when I worked with them, I was reminded of one of their differences.  Reuben, hearing impaired since birth, listens with a keen sensitivity and eagerness.  Juan, hearing-abled, has a listening disability; he screens what is heard, either consciously or otherwise.

Self reflection on my part has shown that I favor Reuben; I am more empathetic and patient with him.  I question whether this is connected to memories of a sympathetic nature following a surgical procedure when he wore cumbersome headgear, or, more likely, admiration for his perseverance and commitment to listening with intention.  And I wonder this: If Juan showed insight into his listening issues and expressed a desire to improve in that area, would I extend more patience to him?

Sheesh.  Now I'm thinking about grace, which is not where I was when I began writing this post.  Ah, but that's the way it often is with self reflection or clarifying exercises, be it writing, movement, meditation or simply carving out intentional time.  Perception vs perspective.  Images vs imagine.  Sight vs see.  Hear vs listen.  Rorschach  tests vs  self-analysis.

And to think all I wanted to do was share this lovely photograph with you!

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