Monday, November 26, 2012

A few inches shy of a self rescue

Ahh.  The many applications for a grocery cart.  Don't tell me you've only used them for groceries; I don't believe that for a minute!

Ida had one turned on its side today and it appeared she was about to climb on it and dumpster dive, which had me a tad concerned.  I met her only last month as she shuffled from the Lynnwood Senior Center where she teaches German to her contemporaries and I was walking by after a swim.  At 4'10", some might say she's easy to miss, but there is much about Ida that caught my eye from that first sighting, her self-sufficiency included.

Today she returned my eye contact and smile with a beckoning wave from across the Fred Meyer parking lot.  "Dear, I need your help!  I've deposited a pile of old newspapers in the bin and my keys went along for the ride.  They're right there.  Can you see them?"

So up I went on her improvised perch, and while she held on to the cart and sang in German, I fished them out.

And then we hugged.

I love my life!

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