Friday, November 23, 2012

Staying the course

Molokai as seen from Napili Bay, Maui.
During her years in Licton Springs, my friend Kris used to tell me upfront: "If you want to see me after Halloween, you'll have to come to me."  Who wants to navigate the Lynnwood area traffic scene between November and January?  Apparently quite a few, evidenced by the steady flow of car traffic since the horse trails and rail lines gave way to asphalt.

In the 80s, Lynnwood was the go-to destination for all things big: mattresses, tires, furniture galore, and the annual Big Hair contest held at a bar near 44th and 196th.  For better or for worse, we're in a new league now.  They flock in droves to Alderwood Mall with its anchor stores and easy access off I-5, the popular Olympus Spa, an airy Whole Foods, and the gem of them all, the Lynnwood Rec Center.

It's Black Friday, folks, and I can only imagine what the streets look like a few miles from our home.

Wherever you are, take five.  Here's to finding a practice and pace that serves you and adds to our collective peace in this season of excess.  I'm starting with a swim this morning and a soak in the hottub.

Peace be upon us all.

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