Sunday, December 16, 2012

A senior moment

A quick stop at the pet store on Lake City Way today yielded all sorts of unexpected pleasure.  Lest you think I came away with a fluffy kitten or a sweet-smelling puppy, think again!  

It all unfolded at the cash register when the clerk asked a series of questions, including this one.  "Is any member of your household over 55 or active military?"  Quick as I am, after 15 years of martial arts training, I shot back, "No."  Pause.  "Oh, yeah, my husband."  Pause.  "Oh wait.  Me too!"  

It seems the good fellow was eager to extend the senior discount common to their locale, and there he stood, well-meaning and innocent, facing a woman caught in her own senior moment. 

We both had a long delirious laugh about it all, then he did the gracious thing and applied the blessed discount.  I thought about asking him to toss in one of those darling kittens, but before I put my wallet away, the foolish notion was long gone. 

A good belly laugh, a discounted tab, and no reflexive pet acquisition; as Carol would say, "life is good!"

1 comment:

  1. Alrighty my friend, you're feeling and looking like a lean mean fighting machine and scoring on a "senior" discount to boot. Life is Very, Very, Good !!!