Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A visitor came calling

It was the wind today, that brought her spirit rustling through the bare trees.  I heard it just seconds before I felt her presence and I found that I could not walk another step.  The dogs and I stopped mid-stride, and I gazed skyward and asked them, "Do you feel her spirit?  Faith is here with us."  

We stood like attentive sentinels and watched the trees sway, great gusts blowing through the alders and sending their last leaves scattering.  Tears flowed freely and I knew in that moment that I wept for the miraculous.  

I wept for the gossamer thread that connects us still and for the ability to live with my heart full open.


  1. Jen, one of them many things that I admire about you is your ability to live so fully in the moment with your heart "full open". Without a doubt you will find Faith in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. A fragile gossamer thread connects two very strong and amazing women! Hugs, Ginny