Monday, December 3, 2012

No postage required

Little Jenny Derick takes her turn.
Dear Santa,

I don't know how you do it, matching wish lists to people and getting it right year after year.  I mean, I know you get plenty of hand-written letters and direct appeals, but what you achieve is really the stuff of miracles.

Remember December 2000 when three sisters lined up for a visit and photo with you in Baltimore's Inner Harbor?  A daughter, a pair of puppies, and a lake in Canada; three wishes, as diverse as the women themselves, yet you found a way to bestow the blessing, albeit a tad modified.

And how about 1960 in Northumberland, PA?  Chatty Cathy topped this young girl's list, and of course the talking doll arrived as wished, wrapped and beribboned; yes she did!  The thing is, you never seem to place judgment on the request; you listen, and you deliver.  I'm wonderin', did you learn that at Santa school, or were you born that way?

These days, my favorite thing about the holiday season is holding fast to the simple pleasures: giving, receiving, savoring connections.  Yesterday I stopped at the local tree lot to look for a Christmas tree.  A little noble fir found me as I perused the selection, whispering softly, "Choose me."  She stands a mere four feet tall and is nearly the same around her girth.  A sweet gem of a tree if I ever saw one!

As always, we'll leave your carrot and cookie by the hearth.  Please be careful coming and going and don't be alarmed if the dogs get whipped into a howling frenzy at your arrival.  They're harmless, but their excitement simply cannot be contained.

And thanks for everything all these years.  You're one patient and generous soul.

Love, Jenny

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  1. Jen, my friend, I am so glad to hear that you also believe in Santa Claus. I have been a firm believer for all my 73 years. These days one of my younger grandsons tries to convince me that there is no Santa. But once I was told, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa". I put out the cookies and milk and leave the front door unlocked. I don't want him getting his outfit soiled coming down the old chimney here at the log house. I no longer ask him for presents for myself. Sometimes I am able to help him with certain things that he wants to do for my grandchildren. I am one of his elves and I just love helping him out during his busy season. Hugs, Virginia aka Ginny