Monday, January 21, 2013

Backyard excavation scorecard

August,  2010.
Dogs 2, Humans 1

We were granted a point for our creative efforts in containing the elaborate digging project begun by Maude, but the pups secured an easy win with their resourcefulness in slipping under and jumping over the netting.

Humans 3, Dogs 1

January, 2013.
Call us cocky, but with 7 yards of hog's fuel spread over the entire back yard, we've got a leg up on these pups.  The frozen mud is out of sight and the chips smell divine.  As for Maude and her aiding and abetting pal, Eli, they're already scratching around at every opportunity.  

Next up, Astro Turf.

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  1. Do dogs have lips ... laughing along with Maude and Eli ?!?!?