Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Masterful teacher, willing students

Mimi and Josh, January 2013.
It was not so much the content of the spoken words, but the willingness to match her muteness with our own.  To sit in silence and to meet her gaze; to mindfully connect through touch; to enter her space, her world, with her as teacher.  

It takes more than a measure of courage and honesty to open to grace; does it not?  Yet why would we not?  What payback or reward could possibly compare to that elusive place where intimacy resides?

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  1. Allowing the silence, the touch, the loving gaze...it is more than enough. It is the gift of communicating with our mute mother in her current language. She clearly appreciates each moment of acknowledgement. Bless you & Josh for your sensitivity to her need to be intimate and share the love.