Saturday, February 2, 2013

A balm for February: Delilah!

Perseverance has many facets, the least of which could be labeled simply 'open your eyes'.  If you don't know her, meet Miss Delilah Lopez, fondly known around our house as Del.  She's been our dear girl since September 2000, when we brought her home after a year of being catless.  She had us trained in no time.

Her nicknames, Miss Sanitary, a tribute to her fixation with Kleenex boxes, and The Beast, Mika's favorite (God knows why), do not pay proper homage to her legendary status.  Truth be told, she's the sweetest cat I've ever known.  

The tuft of raised fur you see on her hip is in fact a baseball sized tumor.  Fortunately for her and for us, it has grown outward rather than in, so as to redefine her darling figure but not interfere too much with her feline functions.  Eating?  Check.  Eliminating in the proper places?  Check.  Grooming?  See for yourself.  Wrestling with Eli?  If she must, for God's sake!  Offering the gentlest of sandpaper kisses?  Oh yeah; more than ever.

Perseverance seems to be her guiding mantra.  And we too, shall follow suit.

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  1. It's been more than a year since her diagnosis of cancer, yes? What a beautiful tribute to your decision to "let her be" and just love her. A wonderful outcome so far...a year of loving grace. She looks so so content to simply be. Ah, the lessons of our feline friends. Blessings on her continued bliss:)