Saturday, February 16, 2013

Be where you are

Keoneola Bay, Kauai.
Back in the 70s when I lived in Maryland, I was heading north via train one winter morning, returning to college in Vermont.  Construction in Baltimore's Penn Station created confusion for travelers and that dreaded outcome-- the one we all hope never happens-- in fact, came true.  I, and a few dozen others, found myself southbound when the conductor welcomed us aboard a good twenty minutes into the journey.

I suppose in the big scheme of things it could have been much worse; it was a train, not a ship or a plane, and those of us temporarily misdirected were soon zipping along the rails to our northern destinations.

So I was a tad concerned when we our flight landed this week and after logging on to my laptop, was informed by my super-intelligent MacBook that we were in Taipei.  Let me back up a little.  The date/time feature alerted me that Taipei was the closest city.  Though I hold no advanced degree, I did pay attention in high school geography class (that's another story entirely), and I was fairly confident Honolulu, for example, might be considered 'the closest city'. 

Resourceful girl that I am, I asked my highly-educated dear spouse what time his super-intelligent MacBook 'thought' it was, and all was cool for him.   Which reminded me that in December while savoring winter peace on Bowen Island, my SIMB revealed the closest city to be Nunavut.  Say what?

So for the record, folks, listen up.  I am in Koloa, Kauai, and though Taipei sounds nice enough, I ain't there.  And I'm quite certain about that.