Monday, February 4, 2013


Josh's guiding tenets, age 10, with #5 inserted by his brother, Reilly.

In late November, I posted a story about Ida, a petite woman of 80-something who I occasionally see in Lynnwood where our activities intersect.  Today when we met, she was sporting a warm hat and a golden tan, having just returned from the big island where her son lives.  "Aren't you the one who helped me fish my keys out, dear?", she asked, recalling that late autumn day when I found her perched atop a grocery cart to give her a height advantage in a troublesome circumstance.

Today she was most enthused about getting back to her routine here at home: resuming the class she teaches at the Senior Center, recycling her newspapers, and shopping for fresh items at Fred Meyer.  And of course, waxing poetic in her thick German accent about her blessed life.  

While in the Kona area on holiday, as they say in Canada and those civilized EU countries, Ida hiked high above the pristine waters, "watching for whale spouts and climbing on all fours."  She elaborated with great gusto, but I admit I only understood portions.  But I got the joy; yeah, I got the joy!  

Dear, sweet Ida.  Going for broke in all things bright, beautiful and in between.  Let me add to Josh's list as Reilly did so many years ago.  #6. Spread your light.  

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  1. I love Reilly's add to Josh's list...and your add to Ida's as well.....xoxo