Monday, March 4, 2013

Money matters of the finest kind

Most of us have, at some point in time, gotten a freebie, some sort of unexpected blessing.  The most memorable one I ever scored was back in the 60s-- until today.  

Sitting in the carwash queue, I noticed the attendant on duty was distracted by an issue with the truck just ahead of me.  He began spraying down my car and never came to the window to ask what I wanted and take my money.  My car lurched forward with my bill still in hand.

You're wondering if I simply accepted the free car wash, right?  Trust me; I considered it briefly, but nah, it just didn't set right with me.  I went inside the gas station, told the clerk what happened, and she rewarded my honesty with a free car wash.  In fact, she gave me two!  Man, I'm on a roll here, folks.

Two hours later, I'm down in Ballard dropping off our tax papers and was delighted to score an unexpected parking space on the busy street by Lee's office.  I opened the car door, stepped out, and found a faded $10 bill folded in half on the grass.  Eureka!  What next?

It's dinner-time, but the day feels young and the possibilities endless!  

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  1. I love that kind of day. Check your pockets before the laundry... who knows what treasure you will find. — Jan