Tuesday, March 12, 2013

United in advocacy

Three generations spin a memory, August 2008.
It seems every culture and era has its favorite words or phrases, and many of us have particular words or expressions we use with greater frequency, words that succinctly express our position, focus or philosophy.  NPR did a recent piece on the word 'literally', exploring our cultural misuse and overuse of the word.  This past week my catchword was advocacy.

My mother's declining health and inability to express herself with words surely speaks to the critical importance of advocacy, and fortunately, she has the finest advocate on hand in her youngest daughter, Mindy.  Mindy's level head, superior intuition, and open heart lead her actions and provide exactly what our dear mother needs.  What a beauitful example of compassion in action.

Thank you, Mindy, for your wisdom, willingness and steadfast advocacy.  We stand with you.


  1. and Ken and I are standing with you with great love.