Thursday, September 26, 2013

Catch me if you can!

He was a mere ten seconds into his dinner, attacking his food lest it evaporate mysteriously before he could consume it, then silence.  I looked up from my task in the kitchen to find him frozen in time, a long strand of drool hanging from his jowls as he stood twitching, completely engrossed in a backyard scene.  
Ah, yes; autumn.  Squirrels.  Un huh.  Oh yeah.

With a clean tug, I opened the sliding door so he could pursue his higher calling without crashing through the plate glass.  He's tried that before and it was not a pretty scene.  I spotted the culprit high in the dogwood clicking his tongue, no doubt taunting Eli with a "you can't get me!" chant that only a dog would find unbearable.  Not to be outdone, Maude got in on the hunt, sending up a howl to let the little guy know it was 2:1 and they would not back down.

The squirrel made an impressive dash for the ground and promptly climbed another tree with far better options: an easy to mount roof, neighboring trees, and a parallel yard separated by a fence that the dogs cannot scale.  

Little critter, little brain, but clearly capable of higher level thinking.  

And off he went, safe this time.  We shall see what tomorrow brings. 

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