Thursday, October 31, 2013

The steady solace of poetry


I wonder sometimes about the beginning,
how a river makes do with what it has,
persevering with time and place,
steadfast in its claim to send new water downstream.

I try to understand why the house-finch
has a few harsh notes amid her fluid song
then I remember about injustice
and her song becomes a rallying cry.

I once saw a man who crawled on hands and knees
propelling his small frame forward
believing that what lay ahead held promise
and was worth the perilous journey.

I envision a place where river, man and finches 
can sing their proclamation with one voice raised
forever eloquent and clear,
a mother tongue, echoing 
in one long rivulet of song. 

J. Sinanan, September 2005


  1. I am so happy to know you Jenny.

  2. Thank you, Jan. What a lovely thing to share with me. You enrich my life!