Friday, October 11, 2013


True to the Laws of Childbirthing, this one arrived under the cover of darkness.  I was present for it all, including this: I remember being aware of sights, smells, sensation and emotions, but my sense of hearing was turned off at his birth.  Was it a complete absence of sound, or did I just not hear any words being spoken by those present?  No matter.  

What I want to say is this: this child, now a man, is in my heart today, his 25th birthday.  Allow me to wax a tad---to list for my own delight (and perhaps yours too)---a handful of things that make him who he is.

Equitable.  Self aware.  Generous.  Considerate.  Unconventional.  Spontaneous.  Organized.  Playful.  Authentic.  Wise.  Steady, yet flexible.  Loyal, truly.

Handsome!  Open-hearted.  Creative, inspired, inspiring.  Colorful.  Coordinated (though also occasionally color-coordinated).

He came bearing a message, at 7 months gestation: "I am going to bring light, playfulness and joy to the family; get ready!"

Savoring the nourishment of body, mind
 and spirit, summer 1989. 
Indeed, Reilly; indeed!  Birthday love to you! 

Taking time along the Shenandoah, October 2013.


  1. So much of this is all your fault you know! Good job! xo

  2. Absolutely enjoyed the word's of this, a loving mom !