Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Simple pleasures

Leading the flock after snagging a catch!
A trip into Seattle to drop off Reilly yesterday was all I needed to swing by Green Lake for a late morning walk.  Oh the sights!  Hark the sounds!

Allow me to list some highlights:
flocks of widgeons feeding
a splash and a dart as a merganser snagged a fish and gulped it down with lightning speed
a noisy belted kingfisher at the water's edge
a pair of coots rightside up and upside down 
a couple walking dogs who formed a perfect taut X with their crossed leashes
a great blue heron preening on a low-lying branch
a pair of young women with matching blonde ponytails flying, pushing a stroller and rocking out to their tunes
a dozen children from La Escuelita Bilingual Preschool walking in a row, chattering in both tongues
a pair of fluffy dogs wrestling with great abandon after meeting for the first time
a bald eagle taking off from the top of a towering redwood!
a man in hip waders searching for valuables with a metal detector in thigh deep water
a pair of mallards moseying across the paved path as if they had all day to get to the other side

None are remarkable as stand alones, but by the time I circled the lake I felt I had seen and heard it all.  I capped it off with lunch at the Sunlight Cafe.  

Lovely day indeed!

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  1. Only at Green special memory is of the signs posted telling folks what they CAN do at the park, rather than what they can't. I fell in love with Seattle for just such reasons.