Sunday, January 26, 2014

Reflections on a marriage

Approaching Niihau, Jan 25, 2014 and ready to snorkel!
Layers of color contrasting dark and light,
Niihau seduces with its stark beauty and forbidden status.
Emerald green, cerulean blue, shimmering silver.
How the sea colors change from place to place,
reflecting the land forms and sky-scapes surrounding it.

How a couple, married nearly 34 years,
match those changing landscapes with their own ever-evolving palette.  How it is enough to keep us looking ahead, engaged in the messy business of living.

There are ordinary things that unfold every day.  I call them miracles.


  1. Love the picture -- you both look so relaxed and happy!

    Sending hugs,


  2. You are such of a mush...and oh so poetic. Wonderful photography and Annie is right, you both look so happy and relaxed. Sweet.