Wednesday, February 5, 2014

As surely as the sky is blue

Excited, delighted, and proud:
Cousins Wyatt and Nadya, and Maya and Isabel, take turns
holding Maude's leash on a sunny spring day, 2008.
What do I know?  Some days, I would say, not so much.  Today I'd say, "Listen.  Let me tell you what I know."  I know the unconditional love that springs forth between dogs and humans.  I know how a good dog can change you, can turn ornery folk into puppies, quiet types into sweet talkers, and those with a serious bent, into lighter beings; people you'd want to spend time with, or better yet, become.

I know that a dog can make your life rich and full and messy in ways you can barely fathom.  Steady, devoted, good-natured, affectionate, loyal. This one, Maude of Autumn Morning, will be remembered for her swift legs, sweet nature, keen interest in squirrels, affinity for foul-smelling things, shy demeanor, and long blessed life.  First as litter-mate to our dear boy, Harold, taken too soon as a puppy on the loose, then as elder sister to young Elias, who joined our family in 2002 as a companion for Maude.

Today we bid her farewell and released her from this earthly realm after 13 years of steadfast companionship.  What do I know?  I know she was ready to go, that we were entrusted with the task of bringing her life to a close, and that she will be sorely missed.  I know that Eli, approaching 12, has the challenging task of carrrying on in familiar turf without her.  

We knew Maudie well; 13 years together is ample time to get a good read on a girl.  She knew us well too, better than we'd care to admit.  We understood that love came in many forms and bask in the sure comfort that it reaches us still, even in death.

Dear girl, Godspeed.  May your grand off-leash adventure begin!


  1. Hugs, Jen. I know how you will miss her. xoxo Annie

  2. A lovely girl most loved by her family - off leash and checking out squirrels! Hugs!!!

  3. Honey that was a beautiful piece on the preciousness of our 4 legged companions. You think and write so beautifully. Thank you for sharing this.