Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jeffrey Michael!

Birding on the lane at Windfield Farm, 2008.
He's the only brother I've got and he's enough!  A fierce competitor with a photographic memory, growing up in his wake was not for the faint of heart.  Geo can tell you he had a versatile arsenal of torture techniques which, lucky for me, he practiced mostly on her.  Somehow the extra years between us gave me sufficient cushion in that arena.  Perhaps he favored me a tad for the 'free' money I slipped him when he played Monopoly and I served as banker.  You would of done the same thing; how else could I have justified helping myself to his coin jar to support my candy habit? 

A former school bus driver in Looneyville, WV, Jeffrey turned over his bus route, sold his parcel of land, and headed for the nation's capital for a spot at Georgetown University's School of Medicine.  I'm fairly certain he's a fine family practice doc.  I imagine his patients revere him; I surely did.  Actually, I still do.

He's got a parcel of land once again and has spent many of his days clearing trails, opening up the view of the Blue Ridge mountains, and building his own disc golf course.  This grandfather of four turned 64 today.  He took the day off to play with friends.  He's good at that; playing, and being a friend.  And you can bet all the money I took from him those many years ago that he's about to sit down to a fine home-cooked meal prepared by Janet, his beloved partner of 42 years.  Handcrafted with love key-lime pie will follow. What a day; what a guy!  

Happy Birthday, brother!

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