Friday, April 25, 2014

Sharing 58

A beaming Mimi receives a stately escort
 from her eldest grandson, Michael, at the
Derick-Helbig wedding, July 1998.
There's a corner in the side yard that has become, quite organically, Mimi's Place.  By midday, warm sun caresses the spot for a few blessed hours, then slips behind the house and lingers.

It began with a soft-pink camellia last spring, a gift from our neighbors in honor of my dear mother's passing.  Over time, other things found a home there: a rock cairn, a blue-bronze heron statue, and just today, a set of wind chimes with a rich deep timbre.    

All of these things hold signficance and help me more fully embrace my mother and my memory of her.  Though I have many varied images and feelings of Mimi in my head and heart, I realized today that I most commonly picture her as this photo so aptly depicts: an engaging, vibrant woman of 58; the age I shall be this year.  

Coincidence?  Fodder for psychoanalysis?  Bah!  I have a different theory.  I think I remember her this way because it was an especially happy time for her.  Finding her stride after several life-altering experiences, Mom seemed at the top of her game. She and Andy were 12 years into their 25 year marriage, her interior design business was thriving, and her life appeared balanced in a deeply rewarding way.  Meaningful work and good health; time for volunteering and travel; adventures with family, a measure of quiet of her own crafting; her life was all of these things.  

Today I remember Mimi in her 50s and celebrate with both arms raised!

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  1. I remember her well in these years -- a vibrant and genuinely happy woman. How nice to have a corner of your yard! xoxo