Monday, May 5, 2014

Connecting with intention

Sandi seeks connection with mama and her ducklings,
Usa-River, Tanzania, 2004.
I had two items to drop off at the mail mart, neither of which required money changing hands.  Zulli was tending to another customer, and I could have easily breezed in, dropped the goods on the side counter, and announced with a quick smile, "Just dropping off!"  I see folks do it all the time and Zulli and his business partner, Shamim, navigate those interactions with efficient, cheerful swiftness and grace.

I took a different tact and waited my turn.  I know how Zulli and Shamim love to connect with their customers.  There's a drive there that goes beyond superb customer service, which they always deliver; they minister to folk.  Thankfully, their approach has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with extending compassion, courtesy, and grace.

After a brief interaction over the items, Zulli stopped mid-stride and looked me in the eye: "You're keeping well, then?"  
"Yes, Zulli, thank you; very well."

I ask you, is there anything more comforting than having someone check in with you and really mean it?  Which is why I waited my turn, so grace could flow between us.

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