Sunday, June 29, 2014

The power of music

At the symphony last night.  Violins crying.  Piano solo, whisper soft; the hall shrouded in a silence like an underwater world.  Tears falling, remembering.   

Monday, June 9, 2014

The church of the holy water

The Wellness and Lap Pools of the Lynnwood Recreation Center,
 a much-loved sanctuary.
I've written about him before, back in October 2012 (see "Get your groove on", 10/15/12), and today I learned his name.  Ed is a regular at The Church of the Holy Water, my term of endearment for our neighborhood pool, preferring the open deep end where he descends to the bottom, swims along the contoured surface, and positions himself for a slow, relaxed ascent to the surface.  I have long admired his easeful water play, and today I told him so.

Ed had something to say about his affinity for underwater swimming: "I grew up in a staunch Republican family, always at the country club.  I was the black sheep, preferring swimming over golf." He says his goal is to practice calm.  "When I swim along the bottom and begin to need air, I calm my thoughts and slowly come to to surface."  

That explains a lot.  When not letting go in his underwater world, Ed can be found smiling and conversing with fellow swimmers as though he has nary a care.  I love that this man is intentional in his search for calm, that he finds it at the bottom of the pool, and that he felt comfortable enough to tell me so.

Now, excuse me while I resume my lap swimming meditation, albeit on the surface!